Sunday, October 26, 2008


Yesterday may have been one of the longest days of my life. starting off such a long day on a horrible emotional note didn't help the fact that my cold is getting worse every day and I didn't get enough sleep that night.

The drive to Felt was long and filled with country music provided by Joel. I have to admit, as much as I've warmed up to a few country songs presented to me by Randi, I still don't care for the genre one bit. Once we got into Felt we followed the signs to where the field was. It was eventful, since we got to go off roading through several fields which included going up two very very steep hills. It reminded me of going off roading last Fall with Michael, Elliott, and Heather.

It took a while for everyone to show up and to get the camera set up, so we were all standing around in our costumes feeling freezing for the longest time. I have a million little burs burried in my sweatpants from wearing them for less than an hour out of the whole day. I just washed them, too.

Once we started doing takes of the first dance, we realized that the ground we were dancing on was full of sink holes. Every couple of feet you'd take a step and your whole shoe would fall into a hole. Us girls were wearing character heels and I was pretty terrified of accidentally stepping in a sink hole while dancing and twisting my ankle. Luckily we managed to go the whole day without any injuries. The first dance took several takes, since we weren't big enough or Nathan (my partner) kept getting cut out of the frame. We had to film this one part where we're all standing in a big V pointing back towards a small cabin over and over again. The camera man had to run through following the cowboy who was supposed to be having this dream about us, so we had to do it multipul times until they got a good running take. One time, the camera man didn't run straight through the V and he ran smack into me, since I was on the end. Not gonna lie, it really hurt. He smashed my foot. But, in the end, we got all the takes from all the different angles done and we moved on to the next dance. That one was a whole lot easier and it only took about two or three takes from each camera angle.

After a big long break, we all got to go down into a ravine at sunset and wrap the cowboy up in a blanket then carry him out of the ravine to the cabin. The girls ended up not carrying him, we just followed behind. I have NO idea how those guys managed to carry him all the way up that hill without dropping him. We followed behind and it was hard enough to walk on our own without tripping over sick holes and brush.

It was a long day. It was fun and I'm glad I did it, but it was really long. My film debut and final performance. I don't have the patience for being a film actress.

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