Thursday, October 11, 2007

A&P Labs and Skulls

Last week in my Anatomy and Physiology lab we learnedall the bones in the skull as well as all the little notches, foramens, fissures, indentations, protrusions and margins. It was a LOT of stuff to learn in one week and be ready for a quiz today. But I studied and studied and went to the open lab and spent about eight hours making flashcards and I even ordered a model of a skull online so I can study it before the test. It paid off though. I missed only one question on the lab quiz today (I put temporomandibular joint when it should have been mandibular fossa).

I'm feeling happy with myself and my studiousness.


miriam said...

i'm impressed!

did really just ask me if i've been watching the office? did you forget how much i love that show???
yes, i've been watching. i love pushing daisies more, though. have you seen it yet???

miriam said...

watch pushing daisies online at!