Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Professor Umbridge

Out of all the days I've been here in Idaho (of which there have been 25, in case you were wondering), I think today may have been the hardest. Well, maybe today and yesterday combined.

I almost broke down and cried yesterday because I was so upset that my harp teacher here isn't anything like my harp teacher at home (Michelle, she's amazing). Sister Pack's teaching style is si incredibly different that I dread going to the lessons because I feel so out of place. Everyone has told me that I just need some time to get used to her teaching, but I don't want to. I like how I've been taught and how I practice and I don't want to change that. Eh, I guess this comes from having gone to the same teacher for five years. But still I don't like my harp lessons here. Besides, Sister Pack looks like Professor Umbridge. My roommate even said so.

Today, well, today was just full of stuff to get done. I had my first math test today and I had to turn in all my math homework (which I, of course, did hardly any of until this week) and I had to finish part one of my writing portfolio and I had dance class and blaaah, it was a long day. To make things worse, I'm feeling very homesick this week. I've called my mother practically every day just to talk to her about anything and everything. Carly and I have been talking a whole lot and I miss her soooo much. There are a few cats that run around here, but they're scared of people so I can't pick them up and I miss my kitten (cat) so so much. He's my baby and I want to snuggle him. Blah, I want to visit everyone at home.

I was telling Elliott (dance class Elliott) that I can't wait to go home for Thanksgiving break because I'm going to the beach! Apparently he's going skiing. Fun stuff. Oh yeah, we're going rollerskating together on Monday night after FHE. I'm very excited.

Completey different note: I have a pet beta fish. His name is Squamous. He is awesome. End of story.

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miriam said...

you're hilarious! and sad. poor you having sister umbridge for a teacher.