Monday, October 8, 2007

Tingles in my tummy!

Amanda went on a date tonight. She went on a date with Elliott (dance class Elliott. Sheesh, I need to have a new best guy friend who's NOT named Elliott). She just about died on her way to go meet him.
Okay, enough with the third person thing. I am so incredibly stoked out of my MIND. It wasn't that big of a deal, I mean, the most that came out of this date was a hug goodbye. But stiiillll, some things are even better without that stuff. We just went rollerskating and it was so so fun! Seriously, so fun. We just goofed off and talked and tried not to fall (and succeeded, though at one point Elliot almost fell and took me down with him but my impecible balance saved us). We actually had some pretty deep conversations about adoption, the spirit here, and just stuff. It was way cool. Even though I felt like I couldn't breathe around him, I felt really at ease talking with him.
I'm happy.
very very happy.


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