Sunday, October 21, 2007


This weekend Heather was planning on going to Provo to visit her friends from Virginia that she hadn't seen in two years. I rreeeeaaallly wanted to go, but I have a class at two on Fridays and her ride left around 1:30. Soooo, you can bet I was super excited when I found out my teacher was still sick therefore we weren't having our Lecture class! So, about an hour before they were leaving I jumped out of bed (I came home and was sleeping after my 7:45 class...I had no more classes that day!) and packed and went off to Provo! Lucky charlotte was able to have meover...because it was random.
Oh, and it was perfect! She was saying how she had to do homework on Saturday and I had to write a paper! It was briiiilliant!
And of course, the weekend I go to Provo, it snows. And sticks. It was fun, but not so much this morning when we were walking to church and it was freezing and then I nearly died walking in my shoes and the hill and blaaahhh. I'm glad I don't have to spend the entire winter in the snow.
So yes, this weekend has been fun. We went and got ice cream that they made with liquid nitrogen and it was cooool. If anyone wants to goto Sub Zero in Orem, get the Custard cakebatter ice cream with cookie dough. Its the best.

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