Tuesday, October 2, 2007

This can't be healthy

It's a quarter to two am and I'm still awake. I had a huge chat with one of my roommates about marriage and converts and such, since she's going to be getting married a year after her current boyfriend gets bapized (in the next few months). It may be freeeezing outside and I may have homework that I should do but instead I sing into my hairbrush in my roommates face, I'm still loving it here.

This picture is from Saturday when it snowed. I was so excited that I jumped out of bed before 10:30 (a record for a saturday morning...usually we sleep til 1) and ran out to play in it. This is all that stuck, the rest just melted as soon as it hit the ground.
That night we were crazy and went off roading in Michael's truck (which fis two people, but we managed to get four in it). It was amazing. I really though I would die, but it ended up being amazing. We broke the bumper off the front of Michael's truck. Oops!

We have too much fun!

1 comment:

miriam said...

you sleep in till 1??? my jaw is nearly on the floor.

good comment, sister! you are wise. and old. like buddha. not fat.
i love you and i miss you and i love to hear from you and even though i stink at communicating with you, i appreciate all the communicating you do with me.
good thoughts, good thoughts.

ps please don't die.