Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Polar Bear, Ocelot, Red Tail Hawk, Gazelle, and Panda

The past few nights all the girls in my dorm have all sat out in the living room and talked and giggled and watched movies together. It's pretty exciting because it's the first times we've all hung out together. I spend most of my time with Heather (she's going to Provo this weekend without me and I have NO idea what I'm going to do without's kind of weird thinking about all the time I'll have to myself) and then I know Shalee because she comes and talks with us and watches comedians on youtube with us, so that's fun. I've only recently been talking with Shelly more and she is so sweet. Kelli, well, I don't really know her. She's kind of got her guys and drama there so she's not really here a whooole lot, but we get along fine.
Anyway, so on Friday night we all sat around and talked and joked and then on Saturday it started out just me and Heather and Shelly looking at movies and talking about boy issues and just bonding. Then we decided to go get a movie with Amanda Bynes in it (Shelly looks like her...a bit) and then Shalee got home so the four of us hunkered down in the front room to watch What a Girl Wants and then Kelli came home and she joined us and somehow we got to talking about what animal we remind each other of. Shalee kind of lead the discussion because she's actually pretty good at putting a person with an animal. I guess I was hard for her because I started out as a Wallaby then went to a blue bird and then ended as a Panda. Good fun! So yes, this is what we are:
Heather the Polar Bear
Kelli the Ocelot
Shalee the Red Tail Hawk
Shelly the Gazelle

And me, the Panda Bear
I think I need a picture of the five of us...

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