Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Things keep getting better and better. Elliott came with me to the devotional today and I think we're going dancing tomorrow night...and on Thursday he wants to go to my anatomy and physiology (A&P) lab because he wants to get a feel for it because he thinks he wants to go into sports medicine or something and then take the class next semester. So yeah, he wants to poke his head in and see what it's like. He also wants to come with me to my A&P lecture on friday to get a feel for that part of the class. Oh, but it gets better. I might go camping with some friends this weekend and then go hike in the ice caves on Saturday and Elliott said he'd love to come!
I is happy.
Life is good (aside from harp, after which I came home and cried today. blah). Elliott balances out al the bad with his amazingness.


miriam said...

can we give new elliot a nickname so that i know you're not talking about old elliot? because i am reacting incorrectly.

yay for a cute boy who makes your tummy tingle.

and boo for having professor umbridge as a harp teacher. step on her toe accidently for me. you can always count on me to be mean to the people who don't deserve your love and respect!

miriam said...

dancing elliot. . .until i know more about him.