Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ward Halloween Parrrtay

This is supposed to be Hermione and Luna battling Bellatrix Lestrange, but I think I look too terrified...

The Harry Potter-ites!

We are Chapman 468! The roooomies

L to R: Shelly, Kelli, and Shalee!

Amanda and Heather (aka Hermione and Luna)...the coolest roommates to ever attend BYU-Idaho

This is our dear friend, Eryn. She dressed up as a little girl playing dress up.

This is Amy, she's in our FHE group and she is cousins with the Bennets from Moorpark. She's pretty much awesome!

Me carving a was a slow process

This is the other Matt. He directs the ward choir and since I'm the ward music chairperson, we end up talking a lot. He's a funny kid!

He's also an incredible flirt

At one point, Heather said we almost had a ncmo at the ward halloween party! Probably because he twisted my inviting him to our apartment to help me download something into something terribly suggestive. Scandelous!

Tonight was the ward Halloween party! Heather and I were very very excited to put on our costumes and go all dressed up. Unfortunately, when we went to pick up Belle costume from the theater costume shop, they'd already rented it out for the weekend! I was really seriously, when we found the dress we asked if we could put it on hold or something and the woman asured us no one would rent it.

And someone did.


Oh well, it'll be back on Monday!

Heather and I dressed up a Hermione an Luna from Harry Potter instead. It was a pretty big hit and everyone loved it. We even went to our Book of Mormon class all dressed up! It was pretty sweet.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


This weekend Heather was planning on going to Provo to visit her friends from Virginia that she hadn't seen in two years. I rreeeeaaallly wanted to go, but I have a class at two on Fridays and her ride left around 1:30. Soooo, you can bet I was super excited when I found out my teacher was still sick therefore we weren't having our Lecture class! So, about an hour before they were leaving I jumped out of bed (I came home and was sleeping after my 7:45 class...I had no more classes that day!) and packed and went off to Provo! Lucky charlotte was able to have meover...because it was random.
Oh, and it was perfect! She was saying how she had to do homework on Saturday and I had to write a paper! It was briiiilliant!
And of course, the weekend I go to Provo, it snows. And sticks. It was fun, but not so much this morning when we were walking to church and it was freezing and then I nearly died walking in my shoes and the hill and blaaahhh. I'm glad I don't have to spend the entire winter in the snow.
So yes, this weekend has been fun. We went and got ice cream that they made with liquid nitrogen and it was cooool. If anyone wants to goto Sub Zero in Orem, get the Custard cakebatter ice cream with cookie dough. Its the best.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I woke up this morning feeling so incredibly sick and disgusting and I'm not quite sure why. It's not like a flu or cold sick, it's just a blah sick feeling. I ended up turning off my alarm and going back to sleep, thus sleeping through my first class (not too big of a deal, though I did miss a quiz...but I've gotten 100% on all the other quizzes except one on which I got an 80% so it's not really a big deal). By the time I woke up and got ready for dance, I was feeling even worse. I absolutely did not want to go, but I had a test so I kind of had to. Dance ended up being fine and we did well on the dance test but now ever time I go to move my bangs from my eyes or rub my nose etc. I smell Aaron, my dance parter's cologne and I feel like heaving. Blaaaah.
On another note, it's supposed to snow tonight, tomorrow, friday, and Saturday. Thrilling. I'm excited but then again not really. I don't know. I seem to be full o a bunh of mixed thoughts ad feelings right now.
I blame this on menstration.

I have an A&P test tomorrow as well as an A&P quiz on totally different things.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Polar Bear, Ocelot, Red Tail Hawk, Gazelle, and Panda

The past few nights all the girls in my dorm have all sat out in the living room and talked and giggled and watched movies together. It's pretty exciting because it's the first times we've all hung out together. I spend most of my time with Heather (she's going to Provo this weekend without me and I have NO idea what I'm going to do without's kind of weird thinking about all the time I'll have to myself) and then I know Shalee because she comes and talks with us and watches comedians on youtube with us, so that's fun. I've only recently been talking with Shelly more and she is so sweet. Kelli, well, I don't really know her. She's kind of got her guys and drama there so she's not really here a whooole lot, but we get along fine.
Anyway, so on Friday night we all sat around and talked and joked and then on Saturday it started out just me and Heather and Shelly looking at movies and talking about boy issues and just bonding. Then we decided to go get a movie with Amanda Bynes in it (Shelly looks like her...a bit) and then Shalee got home so the four of us hunkered down in the front room to watch What a Girl Wants and then Kelli came home and she joined us and somehow we got to talking about what animal we remind each other of. Shalee kind of lead the discussion because she's actually pretty good at putting a person with an animal. I guess I was hard for her because I started out as a Wallaby then went to a blue bird and then ended as a Panda. Good fun! So yes, this is what we are:
Heather the Polar Bear
Kelli the Ocelot
Shalee the Red Tail Hawk
Shelly the Gazelle

And me, the Panda Bear
I think I need a picture of the five of us...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Just one of those days

I'm not quite sure why, but the past few days have been sort, well, blah. I've gotten plenty of sleep (something that hardly ever happens), I've completed almost all of my homework, and I've had a lot of fun with my friends yet I still feel unsatisfied and down. I'd blame this on female issues, but that probably isn't it. Maybe it's homesickness. I've been havig lots of dreams lately where I go home and talk with my mom and sister.

I don't know, I can't decide what I'm missing right now.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A&P Labs and Skulls

Last week in my Anatomy and Physiology lab we learnedall the bones in the skull as well as all the little notches, foramens, fissures, indentations, protrusions and margins. It was a LOT of stuff to learn in one week and be ready for a quiz today. But I studied and studied and went to the open lab and spent about eight hours making flashcards and I even ordered a model of a skull online so I can study it before the test. It paid off though. I missed only one question on the lab quiz today (I put temporomandibular joint when it should have been mandibular fossa).

I'm feeling happy with myself and my studiousness.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Things keep getting better and better. Elliott came with me to the devotional today and I think we're going dancing tomorrow night...and on Thursday he wants to go to my anatomy and physiology (A&P) lab because he wants to get a feel for it because he thinks he wants to go into sports medicine or something and then take the class next semester. So yeah, he wants to poke his head in and see what it's like. He also wants to come with me to my A&P lecture on friday to get a feel for that part of the class. Oh, but it gets better. I might go camping with some friends this weekend and then go hike in the ice caves on Saturday and Elliott said he'd love to come!
I is happy.
Life is good (aside from harp, after which I came home and cried today. blah). Elliott balances out al the bad with his amazingness.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Tingles in my tummy!

Amanda went on a date tonight. She went on a date with Elliott (dance class Elliott. Sheesh, I need to have a new best guy friend who's NOT named Elliott). She just about died on her way to go meet him.
Okay, enough with the third person thing. I am so incredibly stoked out of my MIND. It wasn't that big of a deal, I mean, the most that came out of this date was a hug goodbye. But stiiillll, some things are even better without that stuff. We just went rollerskating and it was so so fun! Seriously, so fun. We just goofed off and talked and tried not to fall (and succeeded, though at one point Elliot almost fell and took me down with him but my impecible balance saved us). We actually had some pretty deep conversations about adoption, the spirit here, and just stuff. It was way cool. Even though I felt like I couldn't breathe around him, I felt really at ease talking with him.
I'm happy.
very very happy.


Thursday, October 4, 2007

Never alone

Know what I want? I want some me time aside from taking a shower.
I guess that living with four other girls, sharing a room, and always hanging out with my roommate kind of leaves me with the option of not having alone time. And when I'm in the room alone while Heather has class and I don't (which isn't often) I'm usually sleeping or doing mounds of homework. Yuck.
I want some time alone.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Professor Umbridge

Out of all the days I've been here in Idaho (of which there have been 25, in case you were wondering), I think today may have been the hardest. Well, maybe today and yesterday combined.

I almost broke down and cried yesterday because I was so upset that my harp teacher here isn't anything like my harp teacher at home (Michelle, she's amazing). Sister Pack's teaching style is si incredibly different that I dread going to the lessons because I feel so out of place. Everyone has told me that I just need some time to get used to her teaching, but I don't want to. I like how I've been taught and how I practice and I don't want to change that. Eh, I guess this comes from having gone to the same teacher for five years. But still I don't like my harp lessons here. Besides, Sister Pack looks like Professor Umbridge. My roommate even said so.

Today, well, today was just full of stuff to get done. I had my first math test today and I had to turn in all my math homework (which I, of course, did hardly any of until this week) and I had to finish part one of my writing portfolio and I had dance class and blaaah, it was a long day. To make things worse, I'm feeling very homesick this week. I've called my mother practically every day just to talk to her about anything and everything. Carly and I have been talking a whole lot and I miss her soooo much. There are a few cats that run around here, but they're scared of people so I can't pick them up and I miss my kitten (cat) so so much. He's my baby and I want to snuggle him. Blah, I want to visit everyone at home.

I was telling Elliott (dance class Elliott) that I can't wait to go home for Thanksgiving break because I'm going to the beach! Apparently he's going skiing. Fun stuff. Oh yeah, we're going rollerskating together on Monday night after FHE. I'm very excited.

Completey different note: I have a pet beta fish. His name is Squamous. He is awesome. End of story.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

This can't be healthy

It's a quarter to two am and I'm still awake. I had a huge chat with one of my roommates about marriage and converts and such, since she's going to be getting married a year after her current boyfriend gets bapized (in the next few months). It may be freeeezing outside and I may have homework that I should do but instead I sing into my hairbrush in my roommates face, I'm still loving it here.

This picture is from Saturday when it snowed. I was so excited that I jumped out of bed before 10:30 (a record for a saturday morning...usually we sleep til 1) and ran out to play in it. This is all that stuck, the rest just melted as soon as it hit the ground.
That night we were crazy and went off roading in Michael's truck (which fis two people, but we managed to get four in it). It was amazing. I really though I would die, but it ended up being amazing. We broke the bumper off the front of Michael's truck. Oops!

We have too much fun!