Saturday, April 26, 2008

Not dead, just busy

I went home for Winter semester and I let my blog die. I apologize and I'll try not to let it happen again.

The past four months were spent working most of the time and playing volleyball every week. Not much to write about. Well, except that I dated Matthew Wehle for the whole semester and broke up with him when he came out to visit in California. Bad timing. But it had to be done.

Now I'm back in Rexburg and I'm happier than ever. I thought I was completely content last semester, but I wasn't. This semester, only a week into it, and it's far better. I've moved off campus into Tuscany Place, which is only a block away from the school. The apartment is really nice and we have our own rooms. That really helps with studying. There are six of us living here and we're all second semester freshman except for Rachel. She's a junior. We've got Heather from Nebraska, Rachel from Portland Oregon, Taylor from Corona California, Megan from Lynchburg Virginia, and Randi from Charlottesville Virginia. I love them. Already, I love them. We've spent several nights staying up talking in the bathroom and we've gone out to dinner together and watched movies and TV shows and made food and bought fish. Just a week into the semester and I feel like I've known these girls for ages.

Randi is really hilarious. She was here in this apartment last semester and she used to have my room (aparently there was a leak and the ceiling caved in but they've fixed it now).

Rachel is sort of like the mom, but not really. She's a lot of fun and she has more boys over than anyone. And it's always a different boy.

Megan has the cutest southern accent ever! She's so bubbly and adorable. It's hard not to like her a lot.

Taylor has the best laugh. Ever. She's also in my spanish class, so we check our homework with each other and sit together in class. She's a lot of fun.

Overall, I've got great roommates. AMAZING roommates.

I love all my classes. Especially my spanish class. I haven't taken spanish for a year now and I miss it. I didn't realize until now just how much I missed it. And how good I am at it. It comes naturally. It's easy. And I love it.

I'm happy in Rexburg. I miss home and the people there, like my family and Carly and Sam. And the warm weather (we got a snow storm here on wednesday). But really, I can live without them for three months. And it will warm up soon enough.