Monday, June 30, 2008


Today I was asked by two different guys to compete with for our dance competition. I'm competing with Chris for the Cha Cha and with Jared for the Waltz. Last semester I competed with Elliott in the foxtrot and the two of us got fifth place out of 100+ couples. I'm holding out for a high placement in both of the dances this semester.

I'm excited.
I love dance. Especially the tango, which we started last week. Super hot.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weekend Time

This past weekend may have been one of the most fun weekends of my life. Carly flew into Salt Lake on Sunday, so we figured it would be an ideal weekend to spend in Utah.
On Friday afternoon Heather, Randi, Kristy, and I packed up and headed towards Logan, UT to meet up with Heather's relatives for dinner. We had been invited to do baptisms with her family, but we ended up not because of time and female issues. We took some pictures outside the temple and enjoyed some Aggie ice cream while waiting for dinner (the Blue Bird cafe. really tasty!).
Friday night was spent in Bern, ID at Heather's grandparents house. Bern has about 126 people living there and it's pretty awesome. Not really somewhere I'd like to live right now, but maybe when I retire. The four of us slept in the trailer outside and we laughed up a storm. It was amazing. I love those girls!
Saturday, after spending hours fourwheeling all around Bern stealing street signs that had fallen over and been replaced with new ones, we drove to Salt Lake (driving through Logan is a lot prettier than driving the 15 all the way from Idaho Falls to Salt Lake) and checked into our hotel, The Metropolitan Inn on West Temple. It was pretty snazzy. We went out to the pool because it was so hot and after driving so much we all felt disgusting, but the water felt gooood! Afterwards we went over to Randi's friends house and her parents fed us dinner and dessert, even though it was past 11. They were a really nice family with a fantastic house. Loads of fun there, followed by hours of just driving around Salt Lake after midnight just looking at things, taking pictures, and waving at groups of guys (who blew us kisses). Another night of giggles. Lots of fun.
We spent Sunday walking around temple square. We took a tour of the Conference center and we sat in the tabernacle for a while. We watched the Joseph Smith video and all bawled like babies and listened to the Christus twice in the visitor's center. It was really a good day. It was terribly hot and Heather got dehydrated, but it was still a really good day. To top it off, we picked up Carly from the airport and stopped in Preston, ID for the night at Heather's Uncle Rod's house. This was my fourth time seeing Uncle Rod and he's awesome. He has an elk farm. It's really really cool. We got to go see the elk in the morning before heading back to Rexburg. There were a bunch of babies and the bull's antlers were fuzzy this time (they weren't in the Fall when Heather and I visited). Then we drove home. It was a fun drive.

Over all, a fantastic weekend. I loved it.

Monday, June 16, 2008

BYU-Idaho dating [love it & hate it]

newsflash: for my new and improved opinion on BYUI dating, check out the bottom of the page.  I updated it.

Having been a part of the BYU-Idaho community for almost a year now, I've come to realize that the way things are done here is very different from what I was accustom to. For example, almost everything in class is 'on your honor'. You can take tests at your apartment, on your honor that you won't open the text book for answers or ask your roommate or call a friend. It's on your honor that you were home before curfew and you haven't had boys in the back part of the apartment. On your honor you really DID complete the homework you told your teacher you did, but your printer broke. And they trust you. It's an awful lot of responsibility, making sure you're honest in everything. I rather enjoy the trust and responsability, seeing as it makes me more honest in my every day dealings and more aware of when I do something wrong.
School and living aside, the whole social atmosphere is completely different. Everyone wants to go do things. You can so anything with almost anyone. Everyone says hello when you walk by on the street. Everyone is your friend. Heather and I were walking to devotional last tuesday and the wind was really whipping us around. We had just crossed the street from our apartment when a girl and a guy in a car stopped and said, "Hello sisters! Are you going to devotional? We're going to the Hart, would you like a ride? It's too windy to be walking!" So they gave us a ride. It was one of the nicest things I've ever seen done for a complete stranger.
I keep getting sidetracked.
Dating. It's so different here. Half of the guys are pre-mission and will be leaving before next fall so they're not really looking for dates. The other half is divided into three groups. The first group are already dating someone. The second aren't dating anyone, but they're looking for a wife not a girlfriend. The third aren't looking for wives or girlfriends, just a NCMO (non commital makeout). For those of us who would really enjoy going on some casual dates with some fun guys who are just looking to date around are completely out of luck, which is probably why there are so few of us.
It's ridiculous. I really don't care for the dating scene here.

Edit::  2-25-2011
I've found that this post gets more traffic than almost any other post I've ever written, so I figure I might as well update it.  I wrote this back when I was barely 19.  I'm now almost 22, and I have to admit that my feelings towards dating at BYUI have changed.  My first couple semesters were pretty void of dates.  I'm not really sure why, but it was probably because I was an overly excited 18 year old freshman.  As time went on, I dated more, eventually got a boyfriend (that didn't last), and learned to enjoy the dating scene in Rexburg.  It's really not that bad, especially if you just relax and be yourself.  But it certainly took some time to happen because dating at BYUI is a rough game to get into.

I think that too many girls are too aggressive in Idaho.  With the boy to girl ratio a little heavier on the girl side, everything suddenly becomes a competition.  I can remember several instances with good girlfriends of mine where we'd be interested in the same guy and it became a battle of who would laugh the loudest, text him the most, or bake him more cookies.  In the end, neither of us would get the guy.  I like to think it's because the boys out there are practically getting to date a girl (or several) without actually doing anything because she does all the work.  Why should he pursue a girl and ask her out when he's already enjoying the perks of a girlfriend sans DTR?  I think this might be a topic for another post sometime...I just realized that I really have a lot to say on the lack of chivalry and gentlemen at BYUI...and we ladies are mostly to blame.

The whole aggressive girl thing aside, though, dating at BYUI is fun.  People get creative, dates are usually cheap, there's always someone to double with.  I find it most enjoyable when I just relax and let whatever front I usually put up come down.  The point of dating is to get to know people, not to get to know who they want you to think they are.  It makes everything so much better if you can just act like yourself.

I'm excited to get back into the BYUI dating scene.  I've been gone for about a year and a half (and my singles ward at home is completely void of dating.  It's the pits) and am anxious to return.  Bring it on, Idaho.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy again

After a few days of feeling completely depressed, what I needed came to me.
I talked with mom on the phone yesterday and she encouraged me to exercise, something I don't do too often because I normally don't enjoy it. But she said that at the very least, I needed to do this one thing.
Also, in my psychology class my teacher also touched on exercise as a way to reieve stress and he went on to talk about all the other things exercise helps. Later in class my teacher taught us how to relax our whole bodies in a way similar to when he hypnotized us.
After class, with all my homework done and my classes done for the week, I went home and went down to the fitness room and spent some time on the treadmil (after making sure I'd used my inhalers and brought enough water with me). I came home, ate a good lunch, relaxed myself the way I was taught, and took an hour and a half nap.

I feel great.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's June

Today is June 11th. Not really the beginning of June, not really part of Spring anymore. It should be hot. It should be sunny. It should start feeling really nice outside. But where am I? Idaho. The freaking state that doesn't know when seasons end and start.
It is SNOWING right now. Yes. Snow, the little while flakes that people like think of around Christmas time. Well, Idaho, I'll let you in on a little secret...CHRISTMAS ISN'T FOR ANOTHER SIX MONTHS.
36 days til I go home. 36 days until I actually get to experience a season other than winter. I can't wait.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Tonight, after Guitars Unplugged, Heather, Randi, and I went to Backyard to get some ice cream (also to see Tim, Heather's new chico). When we were walking up to the place, we came across a little cat (between the stages of kittin and cat. Madeline size) wandering around. She came immediately when I crouched down and called to her. She purred and let us hold her and scratch her head. I fell in love. Instantly.

After taking pictures, we put the cat down and waved goodbye while we went inside to eat our ice cream.

However, when we had finished and were leaving, the little cat ran over to us again. She let me pick her up and snuggle her half way down the block. I decided to put her down before we crossedthe street, but I really really didn't want to. So we devised a plan to sneak her past the cameras in the stairwell of our apartment complex and up into my room. We happened to have a blanket from Guitars Unplugged, since we sat on the floor of the gym, so when we got to our apartment complex Randi wrapped me and the cat (who Randi named Taco on our walk back) up and we raced up the stairs to our third floor apartment and back into my bedroom.

Taco took a few minutes to get adjusted and then she demanded attention. She purred up a storm and nudged my hands if I ever stopped paying full attention to her. I fell in love with her. Again.

Heather and Randi went out into the living room to chat with Neils, our FHE brother who played in Guitars Unplugged, and I was left in my room with Taco. She fell asleep on my lap while I listened to Ingrid Michaelson and talked to people on facebook.

Eventually we took her back to Backyard, since we suspect she's someone's pet (we also didn't want to keep her over night only to have her start yowling at three in the morning).

I miss Taco. I miss Buckle too.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Pretty sure I'm not prego...

Pregnancy dreams. What do they mean when you're not pregnant or could even possibly be pregnant?

The first time I was pregnant and I could actually feel the baby moving inside me. I was married to the father, but apparently I wasn't supposed to have gotten pregnant because the marriage was just temporary.

The second time I wasn't pregnant; Mom gave me a toddler for Easter (she also gave one to Miriam, but for some reason Miriam didn't want to keep hers). He had curly blonde hair and clung to me around the neck when I held him. He liked it when I sang him to sleep.

Third time around I pregnant and I was with Mom, Miriam, and Ryan in our old house in Agoura. We were sitting on the couch and my water broke. Mom delivered a baby boy right there on the family room floor. Miriam invited Ryan to come watch, but he stood off to the side looking mortified. The baby, I named him Isaac, was nearly blad except for a little bit of blonde fuzz on his head, and he was perfect. I carried him everywhere. I don't remember anything about who the father was.

Last night I dreamed that I was back at my high school graduation, except it wasn't my graduation, it was Katie and Carly's. I didn't realize that I was severely pregnant until a mutual friend of mine and Sam's came over to tell me that Sam's parents knew I was pregnant. I remember asking, "Did he tell them that he is the father?" Yep. He told them. They banned him from talking to me from June 10th to July 18th (which is the day I come home from school. In my dream, I was also due this day). I was really upset.

I'm not pregnant.
What do these mean?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mr. Computer Man, be mine

Over the past few months, my computer has had several problems. I had to restore my hard drive back in April and it just hasn't functioned properly since.

Yesterday it crashed completely. I had to restore the hard drive again, losing all of my documents from this past semester (though the later portion are saved in my email on account of my microsoft word giving out. I resorted to using notepad for the typing and Heather's computer for formating and printing on word). I had the hard drive restored and was ready to go out and buy a terribly expensive anti-virus program to install when I was told they'd install one for free in the Computer Help center in the library.

I went.

The man named James installed all the updates my computer needed (47) and he installed the anti virus program after getting rid of the trial version of Norton that I had on here already. He did everything quickly and efficiently and he even joked around with me for a while.

I think I need to marry him, just so he can always be around to fix my computer. It would be handy.