Saturday, December 8, 2007

The BYU-Idaho Winter Dancefest

So tonight for my dance class we had to participate in the winter dancefest, which is a ballroom dance competition.
For this Elliott Dennis I chose to be dance partners and dance the Foxtrot. It started with about 90 couples and then went to the second round, which we made. And we also made the quarter-finals...and then the semi-finals...and then the finals! Out of the last seven couples we ended in fifth place, which is actually really pretty good! Oh man, we were so excited.
I'm in a great mood tonight. Seriously, a great mood.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Ben and Jerrys

As roommates we have become the BJs (Ben and Jerrys). Well, I guess I shouldn't say as roommates, because it's really just me, Heather, Kelli, and Shelly. We eat an obscene amount o Ben and Jerrys ice cream because it's very easyto get it late at night (as well as any other time of day) without walking anywhere. About a month ago we started to save our ice cream containers with the intent of making a christmas tree out of them. Instead we've ended up with a rather large pyramid.

It's amazing but disgusting at the same time. Next semester Kelli and Shelly will take the containers and then leave them for Heather and myself over summer semester so we can continue building the pyramid of ice cream goodness.

Something fun we've discovered in college: Methylene Blue.
It's supposed to be for fish tanks to destroy bacteria but if you mix it with water or another drink it turns your urine blue then green and lasts for days at a time. We're ridiculously idiotic and figured getting a 32 ounce bottle would be fun but we didn't realize it only takes a very small amount of the the methylene blue to do anything. So now we have a TON and we'll probably never use it all, even with all the boys who stop by our apartment specifically to take a couple swigs from the water bottle we've got it mixed into. Still, it's pretty amazing (the taste gets worse and worse, however, with every drink taken).

And we all got Scooby-doo socks for christmas.