Monday, January 16, 2012

Project Hot Bod 2012

My roommate Shmems (Emily) and I have made the decision to go to the gym every week day this semester.  So far, we haven't missed a single day.  When there's no school, we get up by 10am and head over to the gym our apartment complex has.  We'd go up on campus, but what's the point when we have a perfectly good gym that is hardly ever occupied?  We love it.  We do cardio, stretching, and weights.  This week we're challenging ourselves to stay fifteen minutes longer than we did last week, which felt so good this morning.

I've never been one for the gym.  I've gone in the past, I've tried to get into a habit, but it's never really stuck.  I've never really felt good about going nor had the desire to go back.  This time around, that isn't the case.  I feel great.  I feel the desire to go every day.  If I don't go, like I didn't on Saturday, I feel a little bit lazy and I don't have the same amount of energy.  I've been turned into a believer.

Some of my goals for this year with regards to project hot bod 2012:

  • Go to the gym every weekday
  • Walk/run at least a mile every day
  • No soda, limited juice
  • Lots more water
  • Only eating out Friday-Saturday night, no exceptions
Having Shmems do this with me is helping me stick to it. 


Monday, January 9, 2012

“Water is the only drink for a wise man"

I made the goal last November to quit soda for the month.  I think I lasted until the 29th when I got this drink called Purple Stuff because it's kind of the "it" drink in my apartment.  This semester, I'm quitting soda for the whole shebang.  That's right, no soda, no purple stuff, no carbonated water for this girl until April.  That is, if I decide I don't want to extend this.  

Water is the bomb.  I can't get enough, especially here in Rexburg when I never feel hydrated enough.  Bring it on.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Maybe I'm a girl"

There's a song by Paul McCartney that was covered by the artist Jem called Maybe I'm Amazed and there's a line that says, "Maybe I'm a girl, maybe I'm a lonely girl in the middle of something that she doesn't really understand" and when I listened to that, I thought to myself, "Hey, I think I am that girl." I'm in this stage of life that's so full of crazy, changing things that I really don't know exactly what it is that I'm doing.

There are a lot of things I don't understand.

That being said..."baby, won't you help me understand?"

Monday, January 2, 2012


  • Culinary Certified.  I'm so legit.
  • Compliment of the year at work.  An old man in an ascot told me my smile is worth millions.
  • Sam returned after two excruciatingly long years
  • Reapplying to BYU-Idaho.  
  • Job hunting
  • Starbucks. They hired me.
  • Gs and Gents.  The sickest dance party my house has ever hosted
  • Hot tub nights at Jayson's
  • Devastation and Katie Roberts being there to comfort me
  • Rendevouz
  • The birth of my niece, Kate!
  • Night on the town with the Ladies at Club BANG!
  • Monster shots
  • Heartbreak and the realization of a long illusion
  • Farewell to Brookstone...again.
  • Six Flags pass!!!!!!
  • Heather's WEDDING.  She's MARRIED
  • Hockey games, TV shows, late nights at Erik's
  • Forgetting
  • Birthday games of twister
  • D-Box theater and Pirates 4.  What a fun night
  • Pajamas and parties
  • Overly active social life
  • Freddie putting up with my cheerful face every.morning.
  • Afternoon naps in the sunshine
  • Midnight trips to the beach
  • Hannah moves in!
  • Freddie and Lorretto sharing me.
  • Zumba dancing in my living room
  • Dodger Baseball, all you can eat dogs.
  • Glow in the dark party a mi casa
  • Duke's with Stefanie.  What a perfect evening
  • France: It's a dream
  • Whipped cream battle of epic proportions 
  • Cliff jumping
  • The day Freddie made me cry at work.  NOT FUNNY
  • Purchasing my longboard.   It's so beautiful..
  • Monterey trip, complete with penguins, clam chowder, and more exotic cars than I've ever seen before
  • Farewell Starbucks, it was a great ride.
  • Moving back to Idaho.  I followed my gut, it was the right decision.
  • Trips to the caves and dance parties (gross!)
  • AWESOME Roommates
  • Rockin' classes
  • Conference Roadtrip.  So much fun.  So much traffic...
  • Erik's visit: straw maze, dance party, games, Big Jud's, Mesa Falls...
  • My first real asthma attack.  It was terrifying
  • Zombie Apocalypse.  It happened.
  • Nights spent with the 411 guys.  
  • Walking Dead Sundays
  • Friday night sleepovers of awesome
  • The cold.  It happened.
  • Thanksgiving at home!  What a wonderful trip
  • The best pie crust recipe ever.  It's made with lard, so it HAS to be good
  • Skrillex and Christmas decorating.  They go hand in hand.
  • Completely on a whim making one of the best decisions I made all semester (Justin, that's you)
  • Finishing the best semester of my life.  Straight A's for this girl :]
  • Study parties on campus.  It's where the magic happens
  • Provo adventures with Carly Jo
  • Finishing off the year happier than I started it, with more to look forward to.

I said many times that 2011 would be my year.  For the most part, it was.  I think it was an introduction to the rest of my life.  

Hello 2012.