Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I am happy

Recently I've spent a good amount of time reflectin on being an adoptee. It's a big thing in my life which is obvious, because I wouldn't be where I am if I hadn't been adopted. Sometimes I completely forget that I was adopted and other times I remember that there is a whole other family out there who knows my name and knows what I look like and they think of me as part of their family. It's a bizarre situation to be in.

I've read a few books on adoption and I've browsed through several message boards of adoptees sharing their experiences and feelings. It's painful and hard for me to read these things. So many of these people are unhappy with their lives and with the decisions those brave birthmothers made. It's frusterating that hardly anyone feels the way I do.

That being said, I want you all to know how very happy I am. I'm where I was meant to be. I have the family I am supposed to have. I'm very grateful to my birthmother for making the hardest choice of her life to give me the life I need. I'm also grateful that my birthfather supported her in making that decision. My being part of the Packard family is the greatest blessing in my life. I am happy.

Me and Stefanie at our first meeting. May 2007

Our most recent meeting. March 2008.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My friends, they're everywhere

Over this past week I've had two friends recieve their mission calls. One is going to Montana and the other to Michigan. I already have friends serving in Georgia, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Latvia, The West Indies, Chile, Brazil, Africa, Japan, and Germany. Although I don't get to see these boys for a good chunk of time, I'm so proud of them. It's so amazing to me that these young men, between the ages of 19 and 21, dedicate two years of their life to serving the Lord. I've always had an appreciation for missionaries but I have even more now. Having these missionaries be boys that I grew up with or went to school with has changed how I view missionaries.
I love it.
I'm putting more thought into going on a mission when I turn 21.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

19 days

In just a few weeks I'll be back in Rexburg. It now seems funny to me that I was counting down the days til I came home. I was so excited to be here and see everyone from home. I had all these plans and lists of things I wanted to do. I really haven't done much. Carly has hardly been here, Katie had already moved to Utah by the time I got home, RJ and Elliott are on their missions (along with Tyler and Russell and Nathan) and Sam has been less than exciting. How is it that I used to be such a socialite here and now I spend most of my nights at home since no one is around? It makes me that much more excited to go back to Rexburg.

Heather is in Virginia right now visiting Randi. She also saw Adam, Kristy, and Mandy. I'm insanely jealous. I can't wait to see everyone. I want to stay in Rexburg over the winter. Really badly. We'll see.

p.s. I'm in love with Michael Phelps. Holy cow he's amazing.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


My dad has always told me that there are three essentials for the man I marry. The first is that he must have a testimony of the Gospel. Second that he must be willing to work, and we always forget the third one but my mom recently reminded us that it is that he must be kind. Tonight two more essentials were created.

The fourth essetial: Must like baseball. Earlier in the year I dated a guy from Virginia. He came out to visit the week before school started and I got to take him around and show him all the great things about LA. One of the great things about living here is being able to attend Dodger games. I've gone to them ever since I was little. In fact, my dad went to a Dodger game the night of my birth. We're big Dodger fans (win or lose). So I took Matthew to a Dodger game. It was a fantastic game in which the Dodgers creamed the Padres 11-2. Was Matt interested? Hardly. He spent the entire time scooting closer and closer to me, trying to hold my hand every moment he could. He didn't care any time we scored a run. It was very disappointing. Needless to say, I got rid of him quickly.

The fifth essential goes right along with the fourth, so really it might be essential 4.5. Not only must he like baseball, he must be able to catch a foul ball if it happens to come towards him. My dad and I went to the ball game tonight (great game against the Phillies. We won 7-6, earning us the tied position for first with the Diamondbacks) and almost every time a foul ball was hit, it was either dropped or missed, even by those wearing gloves.