Thursday, August 20, 2009

For the Ladies

This is something a lot of women need to hear.


Saturday, August 15, 2009


So friends, I have a job. I work as a sales associate for Brookstone in the Oaks Mall. You know, the snazzy store that has massage chairs, voice activated alarm clocks, remote control helicopters, and now frogs.

I started work on Tuesday this week and today will be my fourth day working. I really enjoy it quite a bit, actually. It's interesting and not too demanding. My feet think I should get better shoes, but those will have to wait until I have more money. I already spent a fortune on work clothes.

Tuesday was my first day and I got a pretty basic overview of everything. Wednesday I helped open and pretty much ran the front of the floor by myself (I was sooo scared of out my mind!) and then yesterday I helped close. Tonight I help close again and I'm fairly excited about it. I still don't have an employee number, so I can't use the cash register, clock in or out, or get a paycheck. I should have one by next week, hopefully. It's a little bit important. But I'm learning the floor really well! I've got flying the helicopter down pretty well. I'm also all over those frogs. I know practically everything there is to know about them. In fact, I sold three yesterday.

I have a big girl job that neither mom nor dad helped me get. I feel quite proud of myself. :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Change of plans

Someone was talking to me the other day about how we often will have some plan and we totally expect it to work out and then out of the blue, something happens and the plan is completely smashed. It happens more often that I previously realized.

I'm staying home this Fall in order to work hard and save enough money to go to school next year. I was really upset and didn't want to accept this change of plans because I love being in Rexburg and with everyone at school. There are people I know who are graduating in December and I probably won't see them again if I don't go back to school. It's a bummer, a major bummer. But you know, I have Nathan and Brandon and Chad to hang out with this fall. And I have two jobs to work. It won't be all that bad.

I'm stoked. It'll be a time to remember, that's for sure.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Since coming home I've:

Been to the beach and saw Matthew McConaughey jogging
Went surfing
Saw Harry Potter 6
Been swimming nearly every day, resulting in a great tan
Had the boys over to play the wii twice
Been to the Getty Villa
Been to the YSA conference and had a BLAST
Met a guy in my ward who is super awesome
Been hired at Brookstone

It's been a great two weeks or so. Love it.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Wii

Since coming home to a house with a wii game system, I've become addicted. Well, I suppose addicted is a strong word, but I'm definitely a fan. I love it. I pretty much play smash brothers brawl and wii sports and use the wii fit whenever I have nothing else to do. It's bomb. Nathan and Brandon came over tonight and we introduced Nathan to the wii, since he was on his mission when it came out. We got him hooked.

I love being home. It's awesome. I went to the beach yesterday and saw Matthew Mcconaughey and tomorrow I'm going to the beach again with a bunch of kids from the singles ward. It's rockin.

Oh, AND I have a job interview with Brookstone on Tuesday. Stoked!!