Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I bake pies and wake the dead; I live a very sheltered life

Two things.

One, I love Pushing Daisies and the fact that I own both seasons on DVD makes me smile.

Two, I made a pie today and it was delicious. So delicious, in fact, that I'm going to show you the pie making process through pictures. My camera is currently MIA, so these are from my cellphone and aren't very good quality. But enjoy anyway!

I decided back around Halloween that I wanted to bake my leftover sugar pumpkin into a pie because I've never baked with fresh pumpkin before and it sounded intriguing. I only just got to it this week because today was the only day I had time to fit it in, between both of my jobs, my excessive sleeping, and my ever busy social life. But fit it in I did and it was so fun.

I started off by cleaning out the pumpkin guts and cutting it in half.

After it was baked, the next step was to scoop out the pumpkin and use a potato ricer to mash it up to a fine consistency good enough for pumpkin pie.

Mix that with all the spices and sugar and you get...

The most time consuming part was making the pie crust. I couldn't seem to get it wet enough to stick together so it wouldn't crack. But eventually I did it and I was able to roll it out and get it into the pie pan.

Then I prebaked the pie crust and then filled it with the pie filling. I ended up with more filling than could fit in the crust, but that's better than not having very much.

While the pie was baking I used the extra pie dough to make these cute leaves and acorns to put on the slices of finished pie. I think they're darling.

Freshly baked pie, right out of the oven!

When the little leaves came out of the oven, I sprinkled sugar on them and stuck them back in for one more minute and they came out looking like this

The finished pie turned out great, despite dark brown crust!

Of course, no pumpkin pie is complete without whipped cream! Homemade is the way to go.

Over all, it turned out awesome.

And seriously? It was so delicious.

Mission accomplished.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I held my nose, I closed my eyes, I took a drink...

It's no secret. I love Halloween. I love everything about it, the costumes, the decorations, the scary movies. I just realized I lied. I don't like everything about it. I don't like scary costumes and haunted houses. Scary movies? Yeah. I can deal with that. Haunted houses? Nope.

But over all, I love Halloween. It's one of my favorite holidays. This year I was scheduled to work the closing shift at Brookstone and I wasn't really thrilled. It turned out to be the most fun I've had at work, though! I got to pass out candy to the mall trick or treaters (and there were HORDES of them!) because I'm sweeter than Eric (he told me so.) Then Daniel put on the Comfy (the Brookstone Snuggie. Check it out!) and he and I had an all out battle with the power popper. It was sweet.

I closed off the night by playing a couple card games at Chad's house. We didn't stay all that late because the night before Halloween we stayed out playing Mafia until 4:30AM. We're ridiculous.

I love Halloween. I love my friends.