Sunday, January 31, 2010


So I went on a date yesterday with a guy from my ward who recently returned from his mission in Argentina. His family moved into the Newbury Park stake a couple months before he got home, so he didn't know anyone. We met on Monday and went out on Saturday. In short, he's a really fun guy and it was a really fun date. I don't think I'd mind going on another.

Totally unrelated, I'm planning an 80's Prom themed party on Friday and I'm stoked. I don't think there are words for how excited I am. There most definitely will be a post about it!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A few things

It's sunny again in Southern California and things are looking up. So up, in fact, that I have no qualms about my current course of action (not including the state of my bedroom, which I definitely intend to fix very soon.) Anyway, here are a few things I've been thinking about lately...

1. In a group of friends made up of three or more people, there's bound to be drama going on all the time. I've got that awesome group of friends from the singles ward, right? Well, as of late, I don't quite know who's still friends with who, who we shouldn't be inviting to movie nights, and (sad to say) who still considers me part of the group. I've come to a point where I don't quite care where I stand with the group, if they want to invite me places/tell me things/keep me in the loop, great! If not, their loss. When we do hang out, it's fun. When we don't, I find other things to keep me amused. I'm content.

2. Texting is a major social handicap. It's this way of communicating that makes it so we're supposed to be able to reach another person at any time, from anywhere, no matter where they are. No one is unreachable. No one has to actually pick up the phone and actually call someone because texting is so quick and convenient! That, in combination with communication via internet, has caused our ability to interact on a more personal level (face to face, on the phone...) suffer. Getting to know a person doesn't take as much effort. I feel like I should quit texting or something because I know that I'm the kind of person where if you don't text back within five minutes, I start to wonder if you're mad at me, if I did something's ridiculous! But really, I'm way too addicted to texting to stop. Sad, but true.

3. Being myself is perfect. I have a date on Saturday. I'm excited.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Raining, it's pouring

I feel like I ought to be better this year about blogging regularly. I often find myself with free time and yet I do nothing interesting with it, so hopefully I use more of that time for blogging. That way you will have something to read.

This week has brought torrential downpours to this area of California. Yesterday I drove to the store, sprinted in and bought what I needed, then sprinted back. I was soaked through my sweatshirt. I was impressed, this rain is awesome. It even flooded an entire road in my neighborhood. It was like driving through a river. When I got home, I made Aaron get in the car with me so we could drive the river street again.

California, I know you need the rain, but please don't get washed away.

Another downpour has been me. I think I've cried every day this week. True, it's mostly because I'm a girl and that's what happens when girls have PMS, but I also attribute it to a dissatisfaction with life. I've got a lot of things going for me right now, like culinary school in march and two steady jobs, but I'm struggling with my friends. They're great, we have a lot of good times together, but everything seems so surface level. I'm a relatively needy person in the sense that I need to have someone I can cling to, someone I can open up to or run to when I'm in tears. I'm not sure who that is right now. I'm very lucky I have my mom and my sister to talk to whenever friends fail to be there. They've been the best.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ring in the New Year

I've become a pitiful blogger.

However, I did have a momentous week last week as far as culinary school/baking goes. On Tuesday I not only bought knives (!!!!) but I also made my first (fake) fondant cake! I decided to make a fake cake for a couple reasons. 1. I've never worked with fondant before, so I figured it'd be easier to ruin a cake rather than styrofoam on my first try. 2. Fondant is gross. 3. I've been toying with the idea of starting a cake business (in the future) but instead of making complete wedding cakes, making a couple fake tiers with a real one on top. Something like that. So yeah, this was good practice.

It took forever and a day to roll the fondant out the right size, since it kept tearing when I tried covering the bigger block, but I got it right (after I hacked 3 inches of styrofoam off the block...) and I managed to cover it alright. I have some work to do as far as covering a cake and making the sides look smooth without excess fondant, but for a first try, I'm content. I even got some fake flowers to put on the cake! Ribbon, too.

Not bad, eh?

As far as life goes, it's fantastic. I spent New Year's in Las Vegas with twelve awesome friends (in one hotel room) and it was way more fun than I anticipated. For New Year's Eve I spent most of my time with Allen, wandering the strip and soaking in the sights. We even got awesome masks. It was awesome.

My knives.